Exquisite breastesus – sexy tan lines

Exquisite breastesus – sexy tan lines

Exquisite breastesus - sexy tan lines

Perfect body and a beautiful face!!

This pic got its beauty straight from nature, what a gorgeous breast … absolutely wonderful, great sexy tan lines!!

a good chance for a tennis tie breaker!!

what an incredible body – beautiful full breasts…

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  1. I believe that they are augmented and natural. I was once Wendy’s friend on myspace and was working in Chicago at the night club. From looking at her pics she used to have some really big boobs. They used to be slightly bigger. I think she’s had them aumetnegd. Maybe she has had the nipples/areola repositioned so that her breasts look less saggy. When natural boobs get really huge, nipples tend to point south, and if you’re a chick as hot as her, that doesn’t fly to well.

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