bum bum

bum bum

wow! that is a great shot! Wish I could look as good

bum bum | andrea schaefer

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bum 1 adjective. Inferior; defective; lousy: That's a real bum notion you have there (1850s+): I told a bum story first/ He just didn't want me to think he had a car bum 1 (b m) n. 1. A tramp; a vagrant. 2. A lazy or shiftless person, especially one who seeks to live solely by the support of others. 3. An incompetent Har du det lidt som jeg, at man godt kan køre lidt sur i de samme få retter derhjemme, både det at lave den, men så sandelig også at skulle spise den? Tags: karla, Bum Bum Bole - blogspot.com I'm Rohit from jalandhar. I am 29, fair color, good looking average built having numbers of sexual encounters with many ladies n girls I am also treasure of sexual

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