nude on a Red Chair

I love her well trained body and that she is not too skinny. Really great shot. AksanaRedChair019 | S.A.Photo

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Artistic Nude Shoot

Awhile ago a friend of mine proposed the idea of doing a nude shoot. She’d never modelled topless before & I had never shot any type of nude photographs before, but it went really well … Read more

Nude – Looking Good!

A nude in the studio. LOOKIN GOOD.. MAYBE 1 DAY I CAN HAVE PHOTOS AS GOOD AS THIS ! So alluring. She’s a very sexy model, and this photo is truly amazing. Nude – Looking … Read more

Tia Carrere Nude

Great shot of a very beautiful woman. Beautiful actress Tia Carrere looking very stunning. She will play Ms. Haumea in Wild Cherry Tia Carrere Nude