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Kimmey listening intently to some posing direction from me as I test the changed lighting effect on her skin tone. A calendar of my photographs of Kimmey can be viewed on my Blog. You can … Read more

donkhafa blog Reblogged 2 years ago from lovecurvygurls (Originally from ognalgaman-deactivated20140520. 490 notes justlastarya: Do you see this Shit.. 😳😳Thanks to the guy at the airport telling me I see your BUNZ..😍 Im like I know it’s big😳 he like no I Randombooty I love booty!!! all shapes and sizes!!! If you feel the same then this is a blog for you. related: randombooty, A look into the world threw the love eyes of this couple Minute Fantasy I'm a guy that likes girls with curves. I'm also a writer. I was inspired by to come up with this blog, where I write short