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Kimmey listening intently to some posing direction from me as I test the changed lighting effect on her skin tone. A calendar of my photographs of Kimmey can be viewed on my Blog. You can … Read more

donkhafa blog I love booty!!! all shapes and sizes!!! If you feel the same then this is a blog for you. A look into the world threw the love eyes of this couple THE DIRTY DAILY A Daily Glance At Women, Life, News and Whatever Else Is Going On "IT IS WHAT IT IS" Twitter: @_thedirtydaily related: dirty, I think black women are beautiful.I think big black women are soft and curvy and fuckable!!You are going to see pictures of these beautiful women here Fun Parts tonenfit: Selfies are all the rage right now…Especially sexy ones! #3 left me speechless… via TONE´N FIT Sep 27